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Amazing Resort Development in Oman

We recently developed a Master Plan for a resort on a wonderful site in Oman. This site shall become an unrivalled tourist draw with many facilities soon. The beach next to the site is beautiful and white-sanded and the seawater

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Elegant Land/Water Development in the UAE

Currently, New Living on Water is involved in a land/water-combination development in the UAE. Ten floating units shall be used as satellite hotel rooms for a hotel that is situated on land. All floating units will be connected to the

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Successful launch of our FLOATING LODGES

Our newest assets, the New Living on Water’s FLOATING LODGES, have been launched successfully! Our Floating Lodges have a totally new, fresh and unique look and are available in four sizes: 150 m² (1615 ft²), 120 m² (1292 ft²) 90

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